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How to Use Fileshares

Each ARTORG group has its own directory (a.k.a. “file share”, “SMB drive”,”Samba share” or “network drive”) on the ARTORG file server zonula.unibe.ch. The directories are only readable and writable for the respective group members.

Your CAMPUS account user name and password will allow you to access the network drive of your group. (for this to work your CAMPUS account must be connected to your group, ask Robert or Jens).

See below the instructions for your operating system.

The following shares exists at the moment:

  • Admin share exclusively for Diana and Pia for administrative purpose
  • AdminCommon this is the place to look for common documents, templates, reimbursement sheets etc. Writable by the administration readable by all.
  • Software is the place where all the installation packages are hosted. Writable by the software responsible person (thomas.kurmann@artorg.unibe.ch).
  • Public this is intended to be used to exchange data among different groups in a short term fashion. The content is not persistent. Everybody in the artorg domain can read and write.
  • CVE project share for the Cardiovascular Engineering group.
  • HRL project share for the Hearing Research Laboratory.
  • DTR project share for the Diabetes Technology Research group.
  • GER project share for the Gerontechnology and Rehabilitation group.
  • OOC project share for the Organs-on-Chip Technologies.
  • OTL project share for the Ophthalmic Technology Lab.

Windows 7

Map a network drive

To connect to a file share open the File Explorer and click on 'Network'. ZONULA should appear (see Figure below). If ZONULA does not appear, then you should change your current Windows Workgroup to CAMPUS.

You're asked to provide you login information (Prepend CAMPUS\ to your user name)

After sucessfully logging in you see all shares on ZONULA. You can map a network share folder to a “local drive” by doing a right-click on the share you want to access and selecting “Map network drive…” (see Figure).

Afterwards you should have an new drive for you computer (see Figure).

Mac OS X (Lion)

(probably following information also applies to earlier Mac OS X versions, if not tell me ).

Direct Browsing

In the Finder go to Preferences. Make sure you have the option “Connected Servers” switched on. If so the section “Shared” is visible on the left in the Finder window.

In “Shared” you can find the file server zonula in All… → campus

Before you can enter zonula click the button “connect as” (which is where the “disconnect” button is on the picture) and enter your CAMPUS credentials: username / password.

The Mac OS implementation for accessing SMB shares has it's quirks and sometimes you get errors and disconnects. The method below is more reliable.

Map Network Drive

In the Finder menu go to “Go → Connect to Server…”. Enter ”smb://zonula.unibe.ch/GROUPNAME” (or any share name you have access to). After giving your CAMPUS credentials the group directory appears in the Finder as a Volume in the Devices section and you can also go to /Volumes/GROUPNAME in the Terminal.


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